Rare Earth Reclamation Mining

Gold and Rare Earth Reclamation
From Mine Tailings

Environment Friendly Reclamation Mining

Recovering Riches Using Advanced Non-Toxic Nano Processing Technologies

Apache specializes in gold, silver, precious metals and rare earth minerals reclamation recovery from above ground, previously mined and milled tailings deposits. We use environment friendly, non-toxic advanced green technologies to recover the vast riches at our project sites.

Normal mining costs are about 50% of the income derived. Apache's reclamation costs are estimated to about 3% of income. Our shovel ready, high value tailings processing reclamation business strategy will produce fast revenues and high profits margins.

Old time ore processing left behind vast treasures of waste tailings piled in above ground dumping sites. Not even known at the time rare earth elements were discarded. These fortunes are ready to be recovered by Apache using modern processing technologies.

While we initially will generate profits from conventional recovery methods to rapidly build our company, we will then expand and enhance our reclamation operations by using advanced "Green Technologies". While conventional methods are limited to about 12% recovery rates, Apache has access to advanced processing technology that can reach 80% recovery.

Unlike many publicly-traded companies, the Apache is NOT speculatively fishing around mine piles. We are harvesting "fallen gold" directly from premium ore mill sites and high production mines.

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Taking Treasures From Tailings

Tailings dumps can be gold mines -- Literally, in some cases. There are two main reasons why this might be preferable to developing new mines. First, mining costs are reduced, as these materials have already been extracted from the ground. Second, the older the mine, the greater the proportion of the target commodity that is likely to be left over, because many older mining techniques had lower recovery rates than today's technology.

Tailings are materials produced from mining such as milled rock and effluents. In many cases, massive quantities of these materials, regarded as waste, are left from previous operations. In the past, despite the best of efforts, ore processing mills did not achieve 100% recovery rates. The failures of past technologies to extract all the metal from mined ore presents extremely profitable opportunities for those who are able to economically reprocess waste materials. In addition, the many highly valuable rare earth elements materials that have been proven to co-exist with gold deposits can also now be reclaimed.

There are hundreds of good mining properties out there, many with large tailing piles, which were owned or mined only for the metallic gold because the owners did not know of, nor test for, gold Compounds. To this day most tailing piles still contain up to 5 times as much gold (in the form of compounds) as was extracted during the original mining operations.

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Originally, throughout the United States and abroad, shaker tables worked in harmony to process gold. The shaker tables, however, did not separate much of the finer and ultra-fine gold particles (-400 to 500 mesh). Much of this gold simply flowed off the tables and into the tailings that reside on the property today or were discarded because under the then prevalent mining methods were considered unprofitable. These materials are what remain today. However, these waste materials are no longer unprofitable. Industry professionals estimate that at least 30% of the gold during these years lies unrecovered.

In addition, silver, platinum, rhodium and palladium were entirely unconsidered during these excavations and processing methods. These noble mental remain on the site and uncollected, undisturbed and "above ground" waiting for newer and more profitable methods of detection and recovery. We have used advanced detection technology to find tailings properties with significant high value deposits. We have highly efficient environmentally friendly reclamation methods. Now we are ready to generate the revenues and profits to build a World leading mining company.

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