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Apache Mill Tailings Projects

Apache To Receive $10,080,000 Stock And Cash In Joint Venture Land Acquisition Mine Reclamation Project. Over One Million Tons of Tailings Are Available For Immediate Processing. Spectroscopic Assays Estimate Ore Deposits Worth $22 Billion -- See News

High Profit Projects

We select high grade, sweet spot mining claims in prime areas of historically known successful gold mining districts. The project sites have immense above ground tailings piles that can be readily processed. Large mining projects or major ore mill processing plants, where the best ore from 100's of miles around was shipped, operated on these sites. One site had both.

We have performed extensive investigations, research and analysis of these sites. Independent, certified geologists have conducted X-Ray and spectrograph assays to verify the value of our recoverable in ground precious metals assets.

Our 4 initial targeted projects are located in the Western USA. Permitting and start up costs are minimum. Assay results verify easily recoverable gold, silver and high value precious metals deposits worth Billions of Dollars.

The assets, revenues and profits from these 4 projects alone would make Apache a mining industry leader. Apache projects $186 Million Monthly Revenue can be generated from these projects with 90 to 180 day start up times.

An additional 8 projects are being investigated and negotiated at this time.

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Project 1

$100 Billion Noble Metals and
$1.7 Trillion in Assayed and Spectrograph Verified
Above Ground Asset Value

Multiple Assays and Spectrograph Asset Valuation Analysis Conducted

The ore mill tailings site is located just outside city limits and above ground. This asset is extremely rare and highly valuable. It consists of a 2 to 3 million tons, 50 foot high mound of ore mill tailings piled neatly above ground. The mill tailings to be processed are on a parcel of land located in one of the most prolific mining towns in American history. The tailings are from a mill where only premium ore was taken to be processed. The premium ore brought to these sites was from some of the most productive gold mines in the state.

The geologist metallurgist consultant's analysis of this site estimates that at least 30% of the gold brought to the site throughout nearly 100 years still lies unrecovered.

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Project 2

$33 Billion Asset Valuation Above Ground and
$300 Billion at 10 to 100 feet depth

X-Ray Fluorescence Metals and Rare Earth Mineral, N1-43-101 Technical Engineering Report, Metallurgists Property Evaluation Report and Spectrograph Assays Asset Valuations Conducted.

80 acre site had multiple mines and an ore mill. Previously worked in the late 1800's the site is near major highways and located in a historic mining district.

Start up time for the ground tailings processing is less then 30 days. The assets located 10 to 100 feet depth below ground can be processed in 2 to 4 months. Only open pit mining is needed to access the in ground tailings for processing.

Metallurgists Property Evaluation report notes that, "In working this site the values should rise as the material in the ground has not been processed."

The original evaluation on this property was based on 350,000 tons of mill tailings/mine waste from previously dug tunnels on the ground and 1,235,700 tons of open pit mining yet to be done.

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Project 3

$10 Billion Asset Valuation

Assays and Spectrograph Asset Valuation Analysis Conducted

More Information available upon request.

Project 4

$140 Million Asset Valuation

Assays and Spectrograph Asset Valuation Analysis Conducted

More Information available upon request.

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