Environment Friendly Reclamation Mining

Rare Earth and Precious Metals Reclamation

Environment Friendly Recovery

Using Advanced Non-Toxic Nano Processing Technologies

Apache is dedicated to being an environment friendly mining company. We use non-toxic advanced green technologies to recover the vast riches at our project sites.

With multiple high yield processing methods available to us, we can customized each project operations to deliver maximum profits as fast as possible. Recent technical advances in crushing equipment, separating and sorting technologies will enhance the profits we can generate.

Apache will lead the way in the use of current and new technologies for high profit reclamation processing.

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Load - Truck - Crush - Process

The Road To Fast Profits

Fast start up times and rapid project revenues can be produced by simply loading trucks and shipping ore to crushing and processing facilities. This strategy greatly reduces (sometimes eliminates all together) permitting and regulatory time and costs. Costs required to begin operations, produce revenues and generate profits are minimal. Hiring a front end loader from a local construction company and contracting with a trucking company is all that is needed.

We have an established relationship with an eco-friendly company that specializes in material crushing and screening. They have enough equipment to handle our needs. We have vetted the company for their capabilities and security of our processed tailing materials.

Once the crushing and screening process has been completed we will then truck the material to a nearby city (1.5 hours away) where we have established relations with a refining, processing and smelting company that will extract gold, targeted precious metals and rare earth minerals. Once again we have already vetted the company for their capabilities and security of our assets.

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Environment Friendly Precious Metals Reclamation

If determined to be cost effective and yield higher returns we can set up on site crushing, screening and non-toxic leaching separation systems processing operations. Utilizing our specially designed truck mounted systems we can set up production quickly and easily.

The proprietary processing equipment is mounted on a semi-trailer. These mobile systems can be quickly transported to the project site and placed in production operations. Local permitting is greatly reduced by using with movable systems. This equipment may be moved from site to site without significant set up or break down time and costs.

eco friendly precious metals reclamation

Apache's reclamation system can process up to 500 tons per day. Production levels and profits produced can be multiplied to any levels by simply bringing in additional units.

Green Processing Technology

Air Separation Environment Friendly Dry Processing
No Water Needed

Heat systems and advanced atomic weight based air separation green technology will also be used on future projects. This separation technology uses no chemicals and no water.

The proprietary, dry separation process has specially designed equipment and machinery to pulverize metals bearing ores and mining wastes, concentrate, separate and recover gold, silver, platinum and other targeted precious metals and minerals.

Dry processing has many advantages over wet processing, especially the conservation of water, one of our most precious resources. In addition, the need for extensive permitting and EPA compliance requirements are eliminated.

The Process dry mining equipment and machinery is designed and configured for pulverization of metals bearing ores for the concentration, separation and recovery of precious metals, light metals and other heavy metals, either from placer (alluvial) deposits or primary surface or subsurface (hard rock) applications, and wastes (mine and mill tailings) from mining operations.

This processing system will produce as high or higher grade products with generally less concentrate loss than wet concentration methods.

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Processing Plants may be located anywhere (self-contained energy requirements), regardless of water supply. There is no water to pump or bring from a distance, therefore eliminating the cost of pipes, pumps and related overhead costs.

In most cases the Dry Processing Plants increase capacity, cut down on the number of units and space necessary; resulting in smaller and less expensive plants with lower power costs.

Due to greater sensitivity to slight differences in density of the particles, Dry Processing Plants will successfully treat ores which are not amenable to wet concentration in the gravity separation methods.

Dry ore may be efficiently separated at the economical releasing point of the minerals, thus making sure the resulting products are dry and are handled, shipped and marketed at a lower cost than wet processing methods.

Since no water is needed to produce separation, climatic conditions will not affect efficient operation.

Using Apache's proprietary dry and chemical free extraction method considerably reduces the recovery costs, by eliminating the use of water, pipes and/or flumes, which are an enormous expensive and are subject to very strict regulation by the EPA and other state and federal agencies.

This significantly changes the mine tailing paradigm because it is non-polluting and eliminates the oversight of regulatory agencies. Further, conventional recovery methods recovery only approximately 12% of the 29 different types of gold. Apache's proprietary system recovers upwards of 85% of the gold because much of the gold is trapped in various forms which were previously unrecoverable, e.g., gold trapped in quartz, previously unrecoverable due to the inability to separate.

We have an established relationship with the inventor of this technology. In addition to development and usage rights, Apache has secured the rights to purchase ownership of this advanced technology. This is a significant advancement that could be worth a tremendous amount of asset value and revenues in the future.

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